E-Learning for Simulating the Web Server Functionality

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S. Arulselvarani
Dr. E. Kirubakaran


In this fast growing world, almost everything becomes computerized. It becomes easy and more efficient, when it is computerized. It
is more effective, when this technique is implemented in teaching. This computerized learning makes the students to learn and understand the
concept easily than theoretical teaching. Theoretical teaching is best when the students are participated in direct learning system. And also, they
understand only the simple concept well and it is complex to understand the complicated concept.
The process of teaching through computers or online is termed as “E-Learningâ€. It makes the student to understand all tasks in an easy
way. The process of E-Learning is done by representing the concept in Graphical-Oriented or in Pictorial-representation. The E-Learning
process is more useful for the student who wants to learn through the Distance-Education systems. This kind of learning is also defined as
Teaching in Virtual Classrooms. The advantage of this virtual classroom teaching is that the student can acquire knowledge at any time and
from any places. A snapshot on E-Learning process using the Simulation technique is discussed in this paper. In this paper, the technique ELearning
is applied to explain the functionality of Web Server.


Keywords: Computerized, Direct learning system, Distance-Education Systems, E-Learning, Graphical-Oriented, Pictorial-Representation,
Theoretical teaching, Virtual Classrooms, Simulation technique, Snapshot.


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