Improving Design of Library Management System using Design Patterns

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Manjari Gupta
Pankhuri Jain
Sourav Shaw


Designing a system is perhaps the most critical factor affecting the quality of the software. No design methodology reduces the process of design to a sequence of mechanical steps. It only provides guidelines to aid the designer during the design process. Fortunately, GOF [2] and other researchers proposed many design patterns that give us solution of general design problems. Design decisions of experienced designers are recorded in form of design patterns. Thus each design pattern focuses on a particular object-oriented design problem or issue. If these design patterns are used by a novice designer, the obtained system design would be much better. In this paper, we designed a very simple library management system using object oriented approach without design patterns. All the defects are shown and this design is improved using few design patterns. We used three design patterns: Factory, Facade and Template Design Patterns in this study. Keywords: System Design, Design problems, Design Patterns, Façade, Factory, Template


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