An Effective E-Learning Architecture with Security Measures

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S. Arulselvarani
Dr. E. Kirubakaran


“Learning makes the man perfect.†According to this statement, everyone in this world must have to learn something to make their life a succeeding one. Now-a-days, everything in this world becomes computerized to make it fast. In this fast growing world, Internet and Web are the two distinct trends that covers all user’s interest. With the help of these modern trends, we can access the information at anywhere in any time. Educators aim to use this technology to enhance individual learning as well as to achieve widespread education and expect the technology to blend with their individual approach to instruction. This aim will pave the way to develop the learning system as an electronic one. That is, learning electronically and it is termed as “E-Learningâ€. E-Learning is the kind of ‘Unsupervised Learning’. That is learning by them without any guidance. To make the E-Learning, a successful technique, simulation model is used. Simulation model is a model that acts as a virtual architecture to implement a technology. This simulation is then released as software which will be downloaded and utilized by the users. In this manner, the software can be released which will help the users to learn something with proper guidelines. But it will also have a shortcoming due to the user who downloads the software. In this paper, the problem raised in E-Learning and how to overcome this kind of problem is discussed with efficient methodology. This methodology describes about the proposed SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Architecture.


Keywords:Download, Educators-Learning, Guidance, Internet, Shortcoming, Simulation Model, Trends, Unsupervised Learning, Virtual Architecture, Web, widespread.


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