Re-Engineering for GUI Conversion from Markup Language to Programming Language

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S Manimekalai
Dr. E. Kirubakaran


Knowledge differs from person to person due to their way of thinking. Now-a-days, all the things are developed based on technology.
A technology which is easy for a person may seem to be difficult for another person. In software development architecture, there involves a
group of persons to develop software, and they work in different phases. Each phase is interlinked with each other to develop the software
successfully. The result produced by a phase is used in another phase to develop the software. Also the technology implemented in one phase
by a person may differ from other person in other phase.
To develop the process, designing phase is necessary and that design is created by the designer involved in that phase. The design is
developed based on their idea and known technology. But it is necessary to convert the design according to the programming language used in
the implementation phase. This conversion may leads to time consuming, when the programmer involves in this conversion since it has lot of
work from identifying the tool to choosing the appropriate tool from the programming language implemented.
In this paper, the conversion of the tools becomes easy by using the re-engineering technique. The Re-Engineering technique is the process
of converting the tools involved in the design from one technology into another automatically using some technique. In other words, alter the
design from one concept to another is termed as Re-Engineering. The snapshot about this re-engineering technique is discussed and
implemented in this paper.

Keywords: Designing, Implementation, Knowledge, phase, Programming language, Re-Engineering, Snapshot, Software Development
Architecture, Technology, Thinking.


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