Comparative Study of Traditional Database and Cloud Computing Database

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Sapna Jain


This paper gives a comparative analysis of latest technology called “Cloud Computing database †or “database-as-a-serviceâ€(DBaaS) called Relational Cloud which is causing a major shift in the Information Technology industry with the traditional databases Realtional Database Management System which have been used since many years .Cloud Computing is a new technology which has been developed to virtualize IT systems and to access the needed applications on the Internet, through web based applications. This means no IT costs for hardware or servers. As compared to the traditional way of building an IT environment is to buy servers, hardware, licenses and to install the software. This is a long and costly process, involving many infrastructure demands and long deployment cycles. This fully IT internal model may be commonplace, but
IT as we know it today is being replaced by newer technologies.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Relational Database,SaaS, PaaS, Database management, SQL, NOSQL, DBaaS,, SQL Azure, Amazon Web Services


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