An Architecture Insensitive Approach for measuring the Quality of Software Modularization

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Vikas Verma
Sona Malhotra


Today most of the software’s designed by a user follow the concept of object orientation or the modularization. Software Modularization is more vast term that includes the concept of procedural, object based and objects oriented languages. The notion of modularization uses different concepts like use of classes, objects, procedures, functions etc. The complete software modularization concept is divided in three main components i) Use of API ii) Use of Non API iii) Use of shared variables. In this paper, a tool based representation is proposed where a graphical view is available to select the software project to perform all kind of modularization metrics on it, including cohesion, coupling and interface complexity etc.



Keywords: OOS, MII, APIU, API, Non API , NC, IDI.


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