Investigation of Hierarchy-Based Multipath Routing Protocol

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Rahul Kadian
Sona Malhotra


A WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) is a collection of a large number of wirelessly connected tiny nodes with sensing and limited computational capabilities. The main constraint on the implementation of a wireless sensor network is energy of the nodes i.e. battery life of the nodes. The sensor nodes consume energy for sensing, computations and communications purposes. The routing protocols for WSNs are designed to minimize the energy consumption of nodes in act of communication. Such a routing protocol is HMRP (Hierarchy-Based Multipath Routing Protocol). This paper provides an investigation of HMRP and gives its comparison to LEACH and PEGASIS routing protocols.



Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, HMRP, WSN routing protocols, Performance comparison of LEACH, PEGASIS and HMRP.


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