A Novel Method to Improve Video Compression for Video Surveillance Applications Using SPIHT Algorithm

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C. Lakshmi Devasena
M. Hemalatha


This paper describes an improved video compression method for video surveillance applications using SPHIT algorithm. In the proposed system SPHIT algorithm is used to compress the video to track the moving object. This proposed motion detection algorithm consists of motion detection of successive frames and background frame subtraction. The motion detection of sequential frames is used to detect the continuous moving objects between two successive frames. After the compression of the video, background subtraction of frame is used to detect moving objects in the current frame. The proposed method is developed and tested using some sample videos. The proposed system can be used in applications like Video Surveillance Applications, Motion pixel Estimation Applications, Video Surveillance, Weapon Storage Area and Atomic Research Area etc.



Keywords: Background Subtraction, Data Compression, Discrete Wavelet Transform, SPIHT Algorithm.


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