Empirical study on security attacks in Wireless Sensor Network

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M. Hemalatha
Vasanthi .V


Since, wireless sensor networks continue to grow, so does the need for effective security mechanisms. Because sensor networks are
interacted with sensitive data and/or operate in hostile unattended environments, it is imperative that these security concerns be addressed from
the beginning of the system design. Various security risks are involved in the operation of WSN counter measures, and existing solutions are
reviewed. There is currently enormous research potential in the field of WSN security. Thus, it familiar with the current research in this field will
benefit researchers greatly. With this in mind, we survey the topics in wireless sensor network security, and present the obstacles and the
requirements in the sensor security, classify them in many of the current attacks, mechanisms and challenges and finally list their corresponding
defensive measures.


Keywords: wireless sensor network, Protocols, Security, Attacks, security goals, challenges.


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