Design and Analysis of a Reverse Hierarchical Graph Search Algorithm

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Lopamudra Nayak
Natarajan Meghanathan


During the process of searching for an element in Directed Acyclic graphs (DAGs), traditional search algorithms like Depth First Search (DFS) waste lot of time in backtracking. This paper presents an alternate search algorithm, known as the Reverse Hierarchical Search (RHS) algorithm, for DAG/tree data structures. The RHS algorithm promises better performance over the DFS algorithm by avoiding path retracing. This research puts focus on DAG/tree-like data structures with lineage elements. Based on the purpose the data structure solves, hierarchical tree structures have related elements that are organized in a certain way. The knowledge of the purpose of the data structure helps in creating a basic criterion for locating and adding new members. The RHS tree is based on searching for an element in a reverse hierarchical order. All nodes that are found in the search path are added to the solution space. To avoid crowding the solution space with revisited nodes, any previously visited node information is re-used and duplicity of nodes is prevented. This makes the RHS algorithm to be more scalable than DFS. In terms of run-time complexity, RHS is a better performer than the DFS algorithm for linear tree/ DAG data structures.


Keywords: Hierarchical Search, Recursion, Directed Acyclic Graphs, Trees, Lineage Elements


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