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Rimmy Chuchra
Raj Seth2and Inderpal Singh


Psychology of brain is not absolute. This paper proposes a method for increasing Brain Intelligence (MIBI) with an aim to figure out the speed of intelligence (SOI) upon firing query to brain. Three parameters viz. speed; distance and time are considered for calculating the speed of intelligence of human brain. Each parameter has its unique function such as measurement of brain thinking capacity andpower that evaluates how fast the signals (or thoughts) are moving from one neuron to another neuron in brain. The function of distance parameter is to find out the exact location of activated neurons where the information is processing and the function of time parameter is to calculate the real time of thinking process or information collecting from the neurons after the query hits. An attempt has been made using this methodology to improve the level of thinking capacity that would further help to improve the response time of brain. The main function of the designed methodology is to frame an innovative ideain an informative manner while evaluating the overall time (time to think and time to frame ideas) to answer a query. On the basis of these above mentioned three parameters, the authors took an initiative to determine the level or speed of intelligence in the brains of different human beings.


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