A New and More Authentic Cryptographic Based Approach for Securing Short Message

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Ekta Agrawal
Dr. Parashu Ram Pal


In the era of internet & smart phone every day terabytes of data are being generated. Data security over internet during communication is a great challenge. Cryptography is an integral part of data security mechanism over the internet. Cryptography makes information unintelligible to an unauthorized person. Cryptography provides confidentiality and maintains integrity to genuine users. Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques related to information security aspects such as confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data authentication. The input to an encryption process is commonly called the plain text, and the output the cipher text. A cryptographic algorithm works in combination with a key a word, number, or phrase to encrypt the plaintext. The same plaintext encrypts to different cipher text with different keys. In this paper a new approach which provides more authentic and strong encryption and decryption process for short message has been proposed.

Keywords: Cryptography, Security, Privacy, Encryption Algorithm and Decryption Algorithm.


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