“Technology that Changes the Nature of Learning”

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Ekta Agrawal


Technology is a tool that can change the nature of learning. Technology lends itself to exploration. But before technology can be used
effectively, exploration must be valued as important to both teaching and learning. Lately, technology has transformed our world, with millions
of users negotiating everything from purchasing goods to accessing research. The pressure to embrace this technology has grown to the point
that even in the composition classroom, instructors are exploring ways to most profitably use it. The growth and commercialism of the World
Wide Web (WWW), it is not always easy to distinguish the hype from the useful. The increasing accessibility of the Internet, advent of high
performance technologies, and widespread acknowledgment that technology should play an important role in education are all pressuring
organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate technology plans. However, planning for technology integration is difficult when most
members of the organization planning team have little technical experience. More significantly, these individuals typically have limited visions
of how to plan for technology because they have not seen many cases of students and teachers using technology in innovative ways that result in
engaged learning. Furthermore, many organization teams lack the tools necessary to make critical assessments about how well the
implementation of their plan is resulting in technology-supported engaged learning experiences for their students. This paper discusses the
widely use of technology that helps in getting knowledge with more innovative practices and build the career of one’s life with highly skilled
knowledge and new techniques. The main reason behind this research is to make use of newly created and implemented methods in a daily life
with practical knowledge.


Keywords: Visions of learning, Technology as a facilitator, Online Learning (Web notes) and learning tools.


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