Preventing Drunken Driving Accidents using IoT

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T. Venkat Narayana Rao
Karttik Reddy Yellu


The number of accidents in the world are increasing day by day and among these accidents, 70% are due to “drunk and drive†cases. This paper aims to reduce the number of accidents occurring due to drunken driving using IoT. This paper uses MQ-3 alcohol sensor which is interfaced with an Arduino UNO to detect the blood alcohol content in the driver’s breath. The legal limit of alcohol level in India is 0.03%, which means 30 microliters of alcohol in 100 millilitre of blood. The MQ-3 alcohol sensor is placed on top of the steering so that whenever the driver exhales through his mouth the sensor calculates the alcohol level in his breath. After the engine is ignited if the alcohol content is in the range of 0.02-0.03% then the maximum speed of the car reduces to 30KMPH and if the alcohol content is beyond 0.03% then the car doesn’t move from its place and limits the speed of the car to zero with a message sent to driver’s nears and dears through GPS. The work presented in this paper expects to reduce the number of accidents caused by drunken driving, which is very essential element for a prosperous life tomorrow.

Keywords: IoT, alcohol, accidents, GPS, Arduino UNO, MQ-3 sensor.


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