Cloud Enabled Smart Parking System Based on Internet of Things

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T. Venkat Narayana Rao
Shaik Khasim Saheb
Patel Bharath Kumar Goud


The concept of smart cities had gained huge popularity these days. Smart cities make use of Internet of Things in a secure fashion to manage their assets. The major problem faced in recent years due to urbanization is the vehicle parking which accounts for thirty percent of the total traffic congestion. One such aspect of smart cities is the Smart Parking System, which enables the user to select the desired parking slot based on the slots available. In this paper, an implementation of the Smart Parking System is presented with the aid of Internet of Things which is integrated with the mobile application in order to provide the user with enough slots before he/she approaches towards the parking place. Depending upon the slot selected the user would proceed to park the vehicle in the earmarked parking area only. This is implemented through integration of IoT with cloud to provide enough storage capacity, computational power, scalability, availability and Interoperability. This paper emphasis mainly on reducing the time to find the parking slots which in turn even reduces the environmental issues. Keywords: Internet of Things, Cloud of Things, Smart Cities, Smart Parking, Arduino.


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