Improving Secure Check pointing Recovery Technique using Trusted Nodes

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Navdeep Kaur


We propose a trust-value based uncoordinated check
pointing algorithm which improves the overall check pointing
overhead. Most of the check pointing approaches takes checkpoints
periodically without taking into consideration the mobility rate of
nodes resulting in wastage of resources and increased time delay. Our
trust value based check pointing scheme allows taking check pointing
only after a mobile node has made certain number of movements. The
value of the cluster change count threshold when a node moves from
one cluster to another cluster is dynamic, means if the number of
cluster movements of a node is greater than threshold the node is said
to be attack prone or unsafe to transfer secured information. A
comprehensive survey of various check pointing algorithms has also
been shown to gather the essential knowledge that how these
algorithms work. Our proposed algorithm has three phases – multicheckpointing
phase, a trust node evaluation phase and a recovery

Keywords- Checkpointing,Domino Effect,Recovery, MANET, Mobility.


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