Estimating the Severity Level of Alcohol Use in Future

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Navdeep Kaur
Williamjeet Singh


Alcohol addiction is a persistent, often relapsing
and mental disorder that makes the brain of people
uncontrollable. The global status report on alcohol and
health by World Health Organization, WHO (2014) states
that 38.3% of the world’s population consumed alcohol
regularly. The objective of this study is to implement the
software which predicts the severity level of alcohol
consumed by people in future means how prone the person
will be addicted to alcohol. 204 heavy drinkers were taken
into consideration for collecting the data through
questionnaires. This study divides the results in three parts:
Red alert means you will be highly prone to alcohol in
future, Yellow alert means you will be at middle level of
getting addicted to alcohol, Green alert that means there
are very less chances that you will be addicted in future.


Keywords: Addiction, Prediction.


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