An Analytical Study on Content Based Image Retrieval

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Sapanjot Kaur
Gaganpreet Kaur


The paper deals with the realization of the different techniques used in image retrieval based on content. This paper gives a general idea of the currently accessible literature on content based image retrieval. There are many impressive features for retrieval of an image like Shade, quality and shape is discussed. The implication of content based image retrieval system (CBIR) relies on the adopted appearances to symbolize images in the knowledge base. The demand to recover the accuracy of image retrieval systems and diminish the semantic gap is high in observation of the growing requirement for retrieval of content based image. To attain this accuracy, user communication with the retrieval system is critical since elastic configuration and alteration of queries can only be obtained by involving the user in the retrieval procedure. From the performance obtained by the existing CBIR systems, review on different techniques is discussed in this paper.


Keywords: Content based image retrieval, feature extraction, Retrieval, Performance


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