Global Hyperchaos Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Chen and Lorenz Systems by Active Nonlinear Control

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Dr. V. Sundarapandian


This paper investigates the global exponential synchronization of hyperchaotic systems, viz. identical hyperchaotic Chen systems
(Yan and Yu, 2008), identical hyperchaotic Lorenz systems (Wang, Zheng and Liu, 2007), and synchronization of hyperchaotic Chen and
Lorenz systems. Active nonlinear feedback control is the method used to achieve the synchronization of the hyperchaotic systems addressed in
this paper. Our theorems on global exponential synchronization for hyperchaotic Chen and Lorenz systems are established using Lyapunov
stability theory. Since the Lyapunov exponents are not required for these calculations, the nonlinear feedback control method is effective and
convenient to synchronize identical and different hyperchaotic Chen and Lorenz systems. Numerical simulations are also given to illustrate and
validate the synchronization results for hyperchaotic Chen and Lorenz systems.


Keywords: Chaos Synchronization, Nonlinear Control, Hyperchaotic Chen System, Hyperchaotic Lorenz System, Active Control.


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