Image Encryption using the Standard Hill Cipher

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Gaurav Agarwal
Saurabh Singh, Meeta Chaudhary


In the recent decade of cryptography the concept of image played a big role. Hiding image into another image may be a good idea for
image encryption. Considerable work is done in this field. There are many ways to encrypt the image but in this paper we are presenting a new
technique of image encryption by the standard hill cipher. Hill cipher algorithm is a technique for symmetric key algorithm in which we use the
matrix form key for the encrypting the text data. Images are also a matrix of pixels and each pixel has its intensity value. Using this concept we
generate a function which select a random key matrix and then encrypt the image using the key matrix. For the decryption we again use this key
matrix to get the original image.


Keywords: Hill Cipher, Image Encryption, Image Processing, cryptography


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