Published: 2017-01-13

Performance Evaluation of Network on Chip Architecture using NS-2

Nayana Chandrakant Borase, Prof. Dr.G.R.Bamnote, Prof.M.A.Pund

Intrusion Detection and Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Neha P Kajale, Dhananjay M Dakhane, Nitesh M Tarbani

Proposal of PMIPv6 Handover delay improvement with eMAG

Nitesh M Tarbani, Neha P Kajale,Gaurav J. Sawale, Ajay B Gadicha

Removing Object’s Shadow with Shadow Removal Percentage

Nitin M. Shivratriwar, Prof. .S .S .Kulkarni, V.K.Patil

Media Streaming in Peer-to-Peer Network

Mr. P. D. Thakare, Prof. A. S. Alvi

Optimizing Performance of Source Code for Real Time System

R A Tiwari, Miss R R Tuteja,M A Pund, M R Dhande

Combined Data Mining for Discovering Knowledge

Mrs. Rupali A. Mahajan, Prof. S.R. Gupta

Business Intelligence For Mobile Users

Dr.S.S. Prabhune, Prof.G.A. Dashmukhe

Acumen of Column-Store Architecture Approaches and Challenges

Sanil.S. Nair, Bhruthari G. Pund, Prajakta P. Deshmukh

Mobile Learning Transforming Education & Training

Ms. Sneha H. Pisey, Prof. P. L. Ramteke, Prof. B. R. Burghate

Enhanced the Infrared Image Using Wavelet Transform

Mr. Tanuj S. Rohankar, Mr. Amol U. Ingle

Structural Features for Character Recognition System-A Review

P.E. Ajmire, Rajeev Dharaskar,V M Thakare, S E Warkhede

Active Queue Management Design Using Discrete-Event Control in Multiprocessor Environment

Shirish V. Pattalwar, Prof. Dr. Vilas M. Thakare, Gajanan D Nagoshe

Business Rules in DBMS

Abhijeet Raipurkar, Gajanan Deokate

Quantum Computing: A Future Trends in Computing

Amit V. Pandhare, Syed Tanzeem, Sunil Gupta

Mouse Navigation Control Using Head Motion

Aniket Kudale, Vaibhav Laddha,Rahul Thakare, Prof. Leena Deshpande

Vector Space Model in Clustering Web Documents

Ms. Anjali B. Raut, Dr. G. R. Bamnote