VANET and its Security Issues: An Overview

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Dipti M. Jawalkar
Suraj N. Chute, Avinash P. Jadhao


Vehicular is infrastructure precise to the next pace in rising transportation safety and comfort. The perverse value of equipped trial beds revenue that computer simulations are only feasible answer for analyzing the concert of dissimilar protocol and architecture. Though imitation frameworks used in vehicular ad hoc network research are still highly diverse and as outcome many of the planned ideas cannot be compared and validated. In this paper we focused on the challenges faced when modeling the vehicular location and the solutions adopted in central simulation tools. As the research neighbourhood is troubled with many diverse troubles from security related issues to traffic efficiency and from intersection management to Internet access we consider that every study should choose the appropriate simulator based on its requirements. Consequently we make some recommendations which take into account the scope of the simulated scenario and the properties of the simulation frameworks

Keywords: VANET, Ad hoc network, DSRC, FCC, V2V, V2I, ITS, RSU, ECC, GPSR.


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