An energy efficient routing scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) and Comparison of Routing Protocols

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Shifaly Sharma
Padam Jain


-In today‟s world wireless networking has acquired great importance because it involves simple installation and is cost-effective. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has shown promising prospects to change the way we obtain information from the physical environment. WSN comprises of numerous sensor nodes, which are interlinked or connected with each other for performing the function of information exchange collectively or cooperatively. The most important issue that must be addressed is how to save node energy while meeting the needs of applications/users. In this paper, we shall analyze the requirements and similarities of MANETs (mobile ad hoc network) and sensor networks. Further, we shall be discussing bandwidth optimization and route length in various protocols used in MANETs since it is an important feature that is essentially considered while designing any routing protocol. Also, we shall identify and compare major routing protocols and their energy consumption criteria. In particular, we are suggesting “How power consumption can be improved using Dijkstra‟s algorithm†which can be used for further research.

Keywords: Dijkstra, broadcasting, MANETs.


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