Validating SIM-A Simulator with ARM Based Keil Software

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Dr Manoj Kumar Jain
Gajendra Kumar Ranka


While general purpose processors reach both high performance and high application flexibility, this comes at a high cost in terms of silicon area and power consumption. In systems where high application flexibility is not required, it is possible to trade off flexibility for lower cost by tailoring the processor to the application to create an Application Specific Instruction set Processor (ASIP) with high performance yet low silicon cost. If we look at the rapid rate at which mobile technology is developing and the constant need for miniaturization, ASIPs seem to be poised in a stronger position compared to ASICs. The major contribution of this paper lies in verifying or substantiating SIM-A with Keil Software. Simulator SIM-A measures cycle count for application executed on processor. This paper focuses on working with Keil Software and its configuration required to run any software on ARM based keil software.



Keywords: ASIP, Application Specific Instruction Processors, Retargetable Simulator, Embedded Systems, Processors, ASIP Simulators, Design Space Exploration, ARM , Keil software.


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