Comparison of ODMR and IODMR Protocols in Manets using PKC Security Model

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Shavinder Bajwa
Sandeep Kang, Amanjot Singh


Mobile Ad-hoc networks have been the focus of reseacrch interest in wireless networks. An ad-hoc network is a collection of wireless
mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the use any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration.
Mobile ad-hoc networks are open to a wide range of attacks due to their unique characteristics like open medium, dynamically changing
topology,absence of infrastructure, resource constraint and trust among nodes This paper focuses on the comparison between two Multicast
Routing Protocols ODMRP and Improved ODMR (IODMRP) with PKC security Model.



Keywords: Multicast, Ad-hoc wireless networks (MANETS), ODMRP, IODMRP, PKC.


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