Comparing Popular DDoS Defenses Using Various Attack Distributions – An Experimental Analysis

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Rashpinder Pal
Sunil Kumar, Preetinder Kaur


Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a rapidly growing problem. The multitude and variety of both the attacks and the defense approaches is overwhelming. This paper presents comparative analysis of existing DDoS Defenses and classifies them in various scenarios, and thus provides researchers with a better understanding of the problem and the current solution space. In order to make our defenses effective, we need precise and comprehensive DDoS Defenses’ comparison. In this paper, we have emulated network topology and generated Flash Event. The attack traffic is generated at different strengths using different protocols in order to effectively compare the DDoS Defenses and get a better conclusion. This paper compares COSSACK, D-WARD and FloodWatch Defenses. It shows how this comparison dictates the advantages and deficiencies of these Defense mechanisms.



Keywords— DDoS, Defenses, Comparison, Analysis.


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