Literature Review for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks

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P. Balamurugan
Dr. K. Duraiswamy


Wireless sensor networks constitute a special kind of ad hoc network. Fostered by recent advance in Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) and wireless communication technology, sensor node can be made as very inexpensive while with certain calculation ability. Deployed in a large amount and by collaborative effort, these sensor nodes can finish lots of sensing task, data processing and communicating useful information. Data gathering is a broad research area in wireless sensor network. In wireless sensor network, it considers the problem of routing between the base station and remote data sources via intermediate sensor nodes in a hierarchical sensor network. Sensor nodes having limited and unreplenishable power resources, both path length and path energy cost are important metrics affecting sensor lifetime. In this paper it has to discuss the protocols have been developed to find the best energy efficient way to transmit the data collected to the base station (BS). LEACH, PEGASIS, and TEEN are some protocols developed to make this process more energy efficient and to have the best connectivity among the nodes.



Keywords: wireless sensor networks; energy efficiency; data gathering; LEACH; PEGASIS; and TEEN.


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