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Swastik Chandrashekhar Bakale
Archana Monish Naware, Sneh Vilas Parab
Shrishty Anil Saxena, Sameep Atul Anjaria


The Car Rental System is a web-based platform designed to provide a user-friendly interface and a seamless rental experience. It is built using the MERN stack, which ensures fast and responsive user interfaces and efficient processing of customer requests and data. The platform includes a payment gateway for secure and swift payment processing, enabling efficient rental transactions. With the increasing demand for car rental services due to the rise of tourism and ride-sharing services, the platform offers a convenient and efficient solution. The system's advanced functionality enables fast retrieval and management of customer data, along with filtering capabilities to facilitate easy navigation and car listing. By integrating a geo-location API, the platform allows customers to find rental cars quickly and easily. MongoDB serves as the platform's database to store and manage customer information, vehicle information, and rental data. The system's flexibility allows renters and rentees to add and delete cars as per their requirements, reducing the time and effort required to rent a car. Overall, the Car Rental System provides a reliable and efficient solution for car rental companies to offer customizable rental experiences to their customers.


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Swastik Chandrashekhar Bakale

Computer Engineering Department,

Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering

Navi Mumbai, India


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