A Qualified Study of e-Mitra and Proposed e-DISC Model towards Implementation of Integrated e-Governance

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Sanjay Tejasvee
Prof. (Dr.) S.S. Sarangdevot


Most of state Governments has formed the State Data Centre (SDC), District Governance Society, State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and Common Service Centers (CSCs) at various divisional, district and as well as rural areas to face directly the end users and serve them services to provide good governance . Through the various centers associated services accessible to the citizens in efficient, transparent and rapid way. The Rajasthan State Government also taken e-Governance very sincerely and started various projects towards the citizens for enhanced better governance, out of them e-Mitra is one of the most significant & rapid project working on â€Effective governance, better citizen services†concept. This paper basically walks around the comparative and qualified research study of e-Mitra (established model) and e-Disc (proposed or anticipated model) of e-Governance such as basic views, strategy, key objectives, components and functional features along with explanation of integration. The purpose of this paper is to view proportional study of e-Mitra and a proposed model with commence the progress and benefits obtain by the ICTs towards integrated e-Governance along with given the recommendations for successful implementation of integrated projects.



Keywords: SDC, SWAN, CSCs, e-Governance, e-Mitra, e-Disc, ICTs.


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