Improved Performance Management Information System for Business Organization

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Ledisi Giok Kabari
N-aabe Kpigigbue


Most of the business organization, firms, institutions, parastatals today fail in the actualization of their aim and objectives due to inadequate of a standard management information system that will ensure efficient decision-making process. The aim of this research work is to develop an improved information management system for business organization that will monitor and evaluate staff/workers of business organization with the view of ensuring accurate, timely information management system that is geared towards effective performance and decision-making process which will serves as a base for assessing the staff or workers for promotion, pension and rewards or benefits. The system will utilize biometric features like fingerprints as an input which is a means for identifying who have access to the system. The methodology implored here is the object oriented (OO) methodology and design, the system will be implemented using C-Sharp Programming language.


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Ledisi Giok Kabari, Ken Saro- Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori

Chief Lecturer,

Computer Science Department.

N-aabe Kpigigbue, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt

Senior Staff,

Information & Communication Technology Centre


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