Web Service Selection: A Model Driven Approach

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Jyoti Jakhar
Anshu Parashar


Web service is a software component invoked over the web by XML and SOAP protocol used for exchange information between ends. Web Services are based on distributed technology and provide standard means of interoperating between different software applications across and within organizational boundaries with the use of XML. The purpose of web service selection is to select optimal web service for a particular task.When we work with web for a single problem, we can get the number of solutions in the form of web service. These web services are hosted by different web servers. To get an efficient and secure web service user has to track all web servers, but it is not feasible. We are providing a mediator between the hosted web servers and users. The purpose of this work is to develop an approach for dynamic, transparent and user comfortable web service selection.



Keywords: Web service selection, selection models, selection mechanism


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