Security Enhancement using Dynamic Cache on DSR Based MANETS

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Sapna Boora
Saurabh Mittal


In the DSR Routing Algorithm, when a node needs to transmit a packet to some other node it has to find the route every time. If the route is not found, then the node generates a route request (RREQ) which has (Source id, destination id, sequence number and route number). When a node receives a RREQ , the node searches for available routes to the destination from its route cache. If it finds an available route, a node sends a route reply packet (RREP), which contains route information from the source to the destination, to the source. Otherwise, it appends its id to the source route in the RREQ and rebroadcasts the RREQ. Thus black hole node attacks the network at the time of route finding and start acting as if it has the correct path for the destination. This cause serious problem in the operations and services of the networks .They may lead to the problem of system failure in terms of network availability. It makes the ad hoc node unable to transmit and receive information. This eventually brings down the overall performance of the network. Current solutions may either found the intrusion too late or produce a heavy network overhead .Many solutions are assuming as if there is only one black hole node in the network but black hole attack can be cooperative. A black hole attack and DOS attack increases network overhead, decreases the network’s lifetime by boosting energy consumption, and finally destroys the network. We are representing the solution for above problem



Keywords: Adhoc Network, DSR (Dynamic Source Routing), Caching, DOS (Denial of Service), Blackhole, Security


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