Implementation and Comparison of Black Hole and Gray Hole Attack in Wireless Mesh Network

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Hina Wadhawan
Sandeep Kang, Sahil Seth


This paper analyzes the black hole and gray hole attack which are the possible packet dropping attacks in wireless mesh networks. In a black hole attack, a malicious node makes all the traffic travel through it, claiming to have the shortest route to all other nodes in the network and instead of forwarding the packets, a malicious node simply drops it. In a gray hole attack (selective forwarding attack) where a misbehaving mesh router just forwards a subset of the packets it receives but drops the others. In this paper we have shown that there is 100% packet loss and there is rigorous decrease in throughput and network performance as compared to gray hole attack. Simulations are done using Qualnet 5.0.



Keywords: Black hole attack, gray hole attack, Wireless mesh networks (WMN).


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