Simulation-Based Comparative analysis of Symmetric Algorithms

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Aman Kumar Sharma


Data security is one of the major problems faced by today's world. In actuality, the communication channel used to transmit data from one user to another is highly insecure. Any trespasser can easily get access to sensitive data which results in cybercrime. To resolve this problem of data security before transmission of data through any medium it gets changed to some codes which are human unreadable forms, this process is known as encryption of data and this leads to the term cryptography. Nowadays we have but many algorithms available that encrypt the data. Some of them use a single key for encryption as well as for decryption known as symmetric key algorithms. This paper contains the comparison of such symmetric algorithms namely: DES, TDES, AES, Blowfish, RC6 based on performance, and the avalanche effect. The main aim of this study is to find out the most secure algorithm and algorithm with high performance. Java programming language is used in this study for the implementation of the above algorithm. From results, it was concluded that the AES algorithm has good performance whereas RC6 has better security and DES requires disk space to store data.


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ROHIT VERMA, Himachal Pradesh University

M.Tech, Department of Computer Science


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