Real Time Eye Tracking For Password Authentication

Dr T.R Muhibur Rahaman, Neha K, Reshma M, Priyanka G, Pavitra V


The Generality of today’s authentication systems, including password , fingerprint scanners and Personal Identification Number(PIN) entry, are based on one time, static authentication methods which are prone to attacks. Real time eye tracking contributes significantly for Patients who are incapacitated, internet study ,  gaze based  password entry as well as house hold security applications. The use of real time eye tracking and password authentication system has a wider possibility for reliability, but in this case the system must be secure and restrained for Eye Detection and Tracking. For the user’s security and validation (authentication) personal identification numbers are used abroad thereby reducing the chances of being attacked. In static authentication methods , since the password has to be entered physically using PIN’s there are possibilities for tracking the password using shoulder surfing, in order to avoid this spy game of tracking the password , hands off gaze- based PIN entry techniques are used. The smart camera is used to detect the eye position and for Gaze-based PIN Identification thereby doing the data processing. This project is focused on a real time hands off and gaze based PIN entry , detecting the eye position and tracking the eye movement using the smart camera.

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