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Yasser mohammad Al-Sharo


 The implications of the WiFi technology are rapidly expanded due to the revolution of this technology in the telecommunication domain. The coverage space of the Wi-Fi sources still an issue, which limit the usability of the WiFi in various applications such as home, offices, hotels, and restaurants. The patch antenna is effective technology that can strength the signals gaining and distribution of the WiFi. This study proposes patch antenna design for the indoor WiFi applications of 2.4 GHz. The main objective of this study is to present miniaturized patch antenna of effective Omni-directional radiation based on the 2.4 GHz frequency. The proposed patch antenna is structured as dual rectangle shapes like the eye glass shape. The size of the antenna substrate is 15mm * 25 mm * 1.4 mm in order to ensure the miniaturized properties of the antenna. The bottom side of the substrate is printed with a microstrip feed line, and the copper is the material of the antenna. The proposed patch antenna is applied on S11 parameters that support the WiFi applications of 8.2.11g standard. The operating frequency is 2.4 GHz with 50 Ω as input impedance. The gain mode is about 1.8 dB that constrained by return loss less than -10 dB. To evaluate the proposed antenna, the Vector Network Analyzer is applied using tool called CST Studio Suite. The simulation shows that the proposed antenna address the Omni-directional radiation of 2.4 GHz frequency under gaining loss less than -10 Db. The efficiency of the antenna radiation records about 72%, which is good records comparing with the past studies. The main contribution of this study is the effectiveness of the miniaturized properties of the proposes patch antenna.  


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Yasser mohammad Al-Sharo, Ajloun National University

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