A Review on Fingerprint Recognition using Wavelet based Pattern Recognition Techniques

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Rakesh Verma
Anuj Goel


Wavelet analysis and its applications have become one of the fastest growing research areas in recent years. Wavelet theory has been employed in many fields and applications, such as signal and image processing, communication systems, biomedical imaging, radar, air acoustics, theoretical mathematics, control system, and endless other areas. However, the research on applying the wavelets to pattern recognition is still too weak. This paper presents the overview of fingerprint recognition system using pattern recognition techniques based on wavelets. Fingerprint biometric is very useful in application which requires identity to be claimed. Here the study presents the fingerprint recognition system that uses wavelets. In comparison to older fingerprint recognition system that is based on minutiae, the wavelet based system has high recognition rates.




Keywords- Pattern recognition, fingerprint recognition, Wavelets, Minutiae, Texture


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