Web Navigation Model based on linear probabilistic approach

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Diksha Dani
Dr.Arvinder Kaur, Kamna Singh


All web applications are made up of a set of pages. Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a web design. Therefore one of the primary concerns of a web application is to manage the navigation between these pages . User’s web behavior is unpredictable. The user’s eye scans across a page to decide what link to click on. So it is necessary to study and track the user navigation behavior in order to predict the next page accesses. Web navigation prediction is one of the most important topics for discussion in research area of Web navigation pattern mining. This paper proposes a probabilistic web navigation model that predict the sequence of web pages likely to be accessed by a users after entry into the website. It is based on linear probabilistic approach. The model resembles markov model.



Keywords: navigation model, navigation prediction, web


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