Design and Development of an 8bit 8051 Microcontroller based Digital English-language Word Master

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Husnain-Al- Bustam


The speech young children hear is their only source of information about the language they are to learn. But in order to read they have to be familiar with the letters of the alphabet. This paper presents the R and D work done for making a device that will help us to meet this challenge. We called our system as the assistant of every mother as this system will serve the role of mother by pronouncing the letters of the alphabet along with the visualization of the letters via 2x16 character LCD display or via LCD display of the personal computer (PC). In time of visualization of a certain letter of the alphabet there will be corresponding objects picture which name start with that letter. The letters will be only colourful and there will be object when our system will be interfaced with the LCD of PC. In the design we have use 8bit 8051 architecture Microcontroller (MCU) and the model of that MCU is Atmel’s AT89S8252




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