Analyzed Throughput of Fast Ethernet and FDDI LANs using OPNET Modeler

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Ishu Gupta
Dr. Harsh Sadawarti, Dr. S.N. Panda


In the recent years, LAN services have evolved from simple file printing, service sharing to applications that include large files, multimedia, and Internet access. The growing pressure on backbones over the years has first led to the deployment of faster shared-media LAN technologies such as FDDI, and, more recently, to the use of switched high-speed LAN technologies including fast Ethernet. The aim of this research paper is to analyze and compare the throughput of LANs using Fast Ethernet and FDDI under two scenarios of different no. of users using simulator OPNET-MODELER. By analyzing the graphs, it is concluded that performance of FDDI backbone is better than Fast Ethernet. Even when no. of users is increased beyond the certain limit that a network can deploy, the throughput of FDDI is better.



Keywords- Fast Ethernet,FDDI,OPNET-MODELER,Network Simulation,Throughput.


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