Challenges in Face Recognition: A Review

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Satonkar S.S.
Kurhe A. B., Dr.Khanale P.B.


Face recognition is one of the most relevant applications of Image analysis. It’s a true challenge to build an automated system which
equals human ability to recognize faces. Face recognition is an unsolved problem and a demanded technology. Face recognition is also useful in
human computer interaction, virtual reality, database retrieval, multimedia, computer entertainment, information security e.g. operating system,
medical records, online banking., Biometric e.g. Personal Identification - Passports, driver licenses , Automated identity verification - border
controls , Law enforcement e.g. video surveillances , investigation , Personal Security – driver monitoring system, home video surveillance
system. In this paper we have presented about a face recognition system and challenges that are very complex. Finally we describe the future
research directions of face recognition



Keywords: Face Recognition, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Face Verification, Face Identification.


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