Fusion of Hybrid Optimization Algorithm and Fuzzy set for enhancing Information Retrieval using clustering

B. Gomathi, P. Sakthivel


Fusion is the concept which deals with combination and the aim is to improve the overall performance. This paper proposes a novel approach named EPSOCS where Particle Swarm Optimization and cuckoo search are combined and fuzzy set is used for enhancing information retrieval. Clustering is accomplished and fuzzy c means algorithm is used for retrieval of information. This approach Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization and Cuckcoo Search combines advantages of PSO and cuckoo with fusion of fuzzy set and clustering. The evaluation of the proposed algorithm shows that the new approach exhibits good optimization ability with fast convergence speed leading to efficient information retrieval.


EPSOCS, Fuzzy C Means , PSO, Cuckoo Search, Swarm Optimization, Fusion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v9i0.5624


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