Role of Information technology - A study on the Customer’s Perspective towards Alternative Banking Operations

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Dr. B. Dhanalakshmi
Dr. C.K. Deepa
Dr.Sambamurthy Padmavathi


Information Technology and the invent of computers have brought significant impact on the working of the banking sector. The lifestyles of the customers is been relooked by the society. Banking through alternate channels, especially internet banking is felt much comfortable by the customers. Banking through online is felt as a pride and the status quo of an individual is rated high. The credibility of the business men is also rated high as money transfer is made faster and easy. Thus the role of information technology in the Banking sector is expected to bring a remarkable change in the contributions of manufacturing and service industry by making a smoother and faster transfer of money between the trade and traders. The financial credentials of the Indian traders rise in the international market. A small attempt is made to understand the role of information technology on alternate banking and the customer’s perspective towards the handling the banking transactions through online. A semi structured questionnaire was circulated among the users of online banking of various banks in Chennai city.


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