A Novel Expert System for PC Network Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Akhil Kaushik, Manoj Barnela,Satvika Khanna, Harish Kumar


In today’s world where information is knowledge and time is money, faster flow of information is the basic need of every
organization. Hence, downtime of network can be a serious threat to win crucial competitions. Apparently most of the computer users are
“layman” when it comes to troubleshooting and diagnosing network related problems. This situation requires the need of an expert system or
network engineer to solve the respected issue and get the work back on track. However a faster and cost-effective solution can be deployment of
an expert system for the same. This will not only omit the need of professional individual but will also enable PC users to handle these small yet
significant issues on their own. Implementation of this expert system will reduce the downtime of a person and improve his/ her efficiency
resulting in better production and increased turnover of the organization. On the other hand, this expert system may also be used by PC users and
home or small and medium scale enterprises. An expert system named “Network Expert System (NES)” is proposed in this paper to assist and
advice new technician and novice users to diagnose and troubleshoot computer network issues in MS-Window based Personal Computers.



Keywords: NES, Expert System, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Base, Rule-based reasoning.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v2i3.520


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