Shivamurthaiah Mallaiah, Praveen Kumar K, Sitesh Kumar Sinha, Manasa L.R


Abstract: Now, as information systems are more open to the internet, authentication is one the most important security primitive. Authentication plays a significant function in protecting resources against unauthorized use. But currently, many user authentication systems suffer from drawbacks and security threats. Simple text-based passwords are not secure enough and are a burden on the users to remember. The concept that we think is useful to secure or to authenticate the system and help end users, we have to choose a good password. Users often create textual and memorable passwords that are easy about attackers to guess, but strong system-assigned passwords are difficult for users to remember. So, researchers of modern days have gone for alternative methods. For certain applications, research indicates that the utilization of images may be more efficient. This is because humans are far more proficient at recognizing images that they have previously seen than they are at recalling words. To find the best resolutions to this kind of problems we are in search of an alternative, images as passwords here users click on images at any level by the number of times which we have specified, rather than type alphanumeric characters. In this story, this scheme is designed to make surety of our sensitive information, Mobile devices, computer system, and used in many login pages.


Authentication, Click, Text, Password, Image.

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