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Kalaiselvi Thiruvenkadam
Nagaraja Perumal
Indhu V


This work aimed to find a robust thresholding technique to image binarization for the gray level images. Thresholding is a simple method that plays a vital role in image segmentation. This comparative study provides to select the robust thresholding technique for general images and MRI head scans. This paper analyses the five thresholding techniques such as Sauvola thresholding, Niblack thresholding, Ridler and Calvard thresholding, Kittler and Illingworth thresholding and Otsu Thresholding for general gray images, normal and abnormal MRI head scans. The performance analysis was carried out by using the region non-uniformity parameter. Experiments were done using the mixture of gray images chosen form popularly available image databases.


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