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Jaswant Kumar Yadav


Large aperture telescopes have been employed to determine the distribution and structures of galaxies on different length scales in the Universe. The primary information that these surveys of galaxies provide us concerns about non random nature distribution of galaxies and structures of galaxies in our neighbourhood and beyond. Nature of these structures shall be better analysed in greater details once we have more data coming in from existing surveys as well as those that are to be undertaken in future. Since we do not have direct probes of the earlier history of the universe we hope to gather necessary information from these galaxy surveys so as to describe the evolutionary processes that are responsible for the formation of these clustered structures starting from initially homogeneous distribution of gas in the universe. We review different statistical methods to study the clustering of large scale structures of our Universe with special emphasis on fractal analysis approach. We highlight with comprehensive description, the fractal versus homogeneous debate concerning the distribution of matter structures on various length scales. Various arguments for and against fractal nature of the galaxy distribution are presented. Historical development of this branch of data analysis involves employing methods in which the definition of the measure of clustering does not depend on average density of the universe. We conclude that much of the statistical analysis point to the presence of fractal nature on small scales with a transition to the homogeneous distribution of galaxies as we study their clustering on comparatively larger scales. The aim of this review is therefore to explain and to categorize the various algorithms into groups and their application in the field of astrophysical signal analysis. In order to put the discussion in right perspective this review should be helpful in differentiating bare facts from mere opinions.


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Jaswant Kumar Yadav, Central University of Haryana, INDIA

I am an Assistant Professor in the Physics department working at central university of Haryana.


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