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Arram Sriram
Ravi Raju Bandlamudi
Adiraju Prashanth Rao


In this busy and competition world one cannot monitoring our elders (aged people) and patients continuously even though one have so much of love on them , whenever any person is unable speak then this system helps them to play some basic and emergency voice messages according to user needs. These voices will be played through speaker so that nurse or their care takers in home can come and help them immediately. By using advancements in present technologies this project is been developed to save time and user friendly system. Now a day’s so many useful technologies are coming out to make our life style more comfort, luxurious and secure. This project is designed with combination of two latest and most demanding technologies that are Android and Embedded System. Create an application to play some basic voices through speaker which is present in our room. Whenever one operates this application, it sends commands to our controlling system through bluetooth. At controlling system side we have bluetooth module, micro controller, audio amplifier, and speaker. Whenever this bluetooth module receives command from android application then it transfers this command to micro controller. Micro controller directly by saving prerecorded voice message in micro controller’s memory in the form of binary we can play that voice message. This is very comfort and can operate easily just by touching the respective keys on mobile application


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Arram Sriram, Anurag Group of Institutions Affiliated to JNUH

Information Technology Department


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