Latency Improvement in Heterogeneous Network for Delay Sensitive Applications

P. G. Sunitha Hiremath, C. V. Guru Rao


Existing network hardware is constantly being improved and new communication technology continues to be developed. Together with the trend that computing hardware becomes smaller and portable, this network technology progress has led to dynamic networks. Next gen-eration wireless networks are characterized as heterogeneous networks, particularly in terms of its underlying technology. One of the challenges of these heterogeneous networks is to manage handoff. Mobile IP is chosen for managing the handoff to accommodate the all-IP vision of the future interconnected networks. However, the handoff management of the mobile IP is mainly for data services where delay is not of a major concern. Therefore, it would be considerable challenge to achieve low latency handoff for real-time services. In this paper, we propose a multi-casting scheme for delay-sensitive applications.


Keywords: Mobile IP, Handoff, Hetrogeneous Network, Mobile stations, Quality of Service.

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