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Nirvair Neeru


The use of Satellites in remote sensing has been increased to the extent that now it becomes possible to retrieve information about changes occurring in any activity over the Earth. Remote sensing can be defined as a process of gathering and clarifying information about an object, area or phenomenon without having a physical contact with it. Meteorology, Glaciology, Geology, Agriculture, Land planning, etc. are various fields that deploy remote sensing. Presently, water detection using satellite images is one of the interesting research areas. In this research, firstly the review of the basics of remote sensing and its use for water detection has been done. A Hybrid method has been proposed which consists of k-means clustering and morphological segmentation techniques for water detection. The MATLAB tool was used to implement both techniques. The performance of proposed technique has been evaluated in terms of accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. It has been observed that the proposed technique shows the better results.


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HIMANSHU RANA, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab.

Research Scholar in Department of Computer Engineering


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